1. Thoughts become things?

1. Thoughts become things?

Thoughts become things?

I’d like to share my learning, experience, and enlightenment as a doctor with the desire that it may be helpful in establishing a healthier life.

The first question is, can the mind change matter?
Here are two very famous and simple experiments that answer this question.

The mind of a person can turn the water crystals into either beautiful or ugly. In other words, if you look at the water and just think positively about gratitude, love, and blessing, the water crystals will soon appear as a beautiful crystal. But if you think negatively such as resentment, hate, or curse, the crystals of water will soon turn ugly (see photos).

In addition, the rate of corruption of rice is distinctly different when rice and water into two cups and storing it for 30 days, with positive hearts such as gratitude, love, and blessing on one side and negative hearts such as resentment, hate, and curse on the other.

Everything is created by the mind and by collecting the mind in one place, we can do anything. Our ancestors have already been aware of the truth without experimentation. What about us these days? Do you believe that we can change ourselves if we want to? Are you convinced that our mind can change our body and that happiness and misfortune are crossed according to our own mind? It is clear that we need to appreciate material civilization for allowing us physical convenience, but there is also a disadvantage that it is easy to forget about our amazing ability if we rely too much on it.

“When you talk to me, always be careful, because you are listening to it.” Of course, we already realize to some extent through our life experiences that our words and mind affect not only ourselves but also everyone else and everything else.

I think looking into mind and matter is the easiest and fundamental way to understand oriental medicine. Next, I would like to summarize the representative theories that can diagnose or heal in the theory of oriental medicine sequentially. So, rather than hanging on to drugs and doctors, it is necessary and efficient to understand the natural healing power that we possess and make the most of it so that the body and mind will be healthier and happier.

– Jinman Kim, the director of Peace Oriental Medical Clinic Centre