46. The Principles of TCM. 12.Yin and Yang 5

46. The Principles of TCM. 12.Yin and Yang 5

Yang deficiency syndrome

Yang deficiency is a symptom that occurs when metabolic activity decreases due to the depletion of fire energy in the body. It’s hard to get up in the morning, and I keep wanting to lie down. Diarrhea is frequent or stools are soft, especially in the early morning, the stomach hurts, diarrhea may occur, or in severe cases, undigested food may appear in the stool. I get cold easily, especially my back and stomach. In winter, not only are your hands and feet cold, but it can also get cold above your elbows or up to your knees. In winter, the frequency of urination significantly increases compared to summer, the color of urine is clear, and you may feel that when you drink water, it just passes through the stomach and comes out. For older people, urinating at night is considered a normal aging phenomenon, but for young people and middle-aged people, it is considered a concession. I like warm food, I sweat even when I eat cold food, my sexual function decreases, and in severe cases, I don’t even like talking to others.

It is said, “Moving preserves positive energy, and remaining still preserves negative energy.” If you just lie down and have no energy, your condition will only get worse. Waking up around sunrise and doing light exercise helps to boost the yang energy in your body. This allows your body to receive the energy from which all things occur and the energy of the sun (the largest yang).

Joksamrihyeol is a vital acupuncture point that stimulates the digestive system, promotes the production of energy and blood, and provides acquired energy that strengthens the five organs and six organs. Yongcheonhyeol is an acupuncture point in which the new groom is hung on a beam and beaten with a bat to ensure a good first night. It is a representative acupuncture point that strengthens innate positive energy by stimulating the reproductive and urinary systems. If you massage the two acupuncture points while taking a foot bath before going to bed, it will replenish your innate and acquired energy and add warmth, so I think it is the best treatment for people with hemorrhoids. If a couple (yin and yang) gives each other a foot bath and massage, it will be the icing on the cake as the yin and yang will be in harmony.

Dr. Jin-man Kim, director of Peace Oriental Clinic