Thoughts become things? 8. Collective unconscious

Thoughts become things? 8. Collective unconscious

The mind is created by the interrelationship between ‘consciousness’ and ‘unconsciousness.’ However, it is a well-established belief that consciousness is only the tip of the huge iceberg called ‘unconsciousness’, which is the latent layer.

Because the unconscious is formed by memories from birth until now, it makes us think that what we perceive with our five senses is everything and makes us obsessed with money, power, etc. If that does not happen, it makes us anxious, depressed, and sad and eventually causes us to get physically ill.


The collective unconscious consists of the remnants of the animal stage or the primitive psychology of an earlier stage that exists deeper than the individual’s unconscious and is also called the universal unconscious.

“Every place where people live is the same”,

“Imagination (人之常情, normal mind or emotion that every person has)”,

There is a saying, “I know without saying anything.”

The collective unconscious is the universal human mind regardless of ethnicity or race, such as wanting to help someone in trouble or getting angry when seeing a lie.

The collective unconscious can freely interact with other people, animals, plants, or inanimate objects. It is said that you have to become a child to go to heaven, but when you see elderly people who actually die of natural causes, you can see that they gradually become childlike and treat everyone without prejudice. Young children have no prejudice and interact with any animal as if they were having a conversation.

The collective unconscious connects the spiritual world and the material world, and is expressed through love, gratitude, joy, and sincerity. There are reports that any disease can be cured because all prejudice and selfishness disappear when the collective unconscious is reached. This is because disease is actually a product of excessive obsession and greed for my own existence. There are cases where terminal cancer patients are healed as cleanly as a lie, and this happens when they let go of their obsession with life and become filled with love, gratitude, and joy, which are the essence of life.

The way to reach the collective unconscious is by concentrating on breathing or meditating.

Dr. Jin-man Kim, director of Peace Oriental Clinic