49. The Principles of TCM. 15. The pathogenic qi have no way to invade the health body

49. The Principles of TCM. 15. The pathogenic qi have no way to invade the health body

If you have enough energy, you won’t get sick.

After eating the same food at the same restaurant, some people got food poisoning and some people got food poisoning.
This sometimes causes no symptoms. In this way, external factors are important as the cause of the outbreak, but
What is more important is the condition of my body, which in Oriental medicine is called Jhengqineicun (正氣內存),
It is said to be life-saving or evil-doing, and in both countries, it is expressed as immunity.

There are countless bacteria around us, and they are constantly passing through various channels.
It invades our body, but our body’s defense system, vital energy, or immunity, prevents it from happening.
Control it efficiently, maintain your health, and continue your life activities. Even in a normal person’s body,
Hundreds and thousands of cancer cells are formed, but immune cells eliminate them, so cancer does not occur.
This has already been proven and is a widely known fact.

Oriental medicine emphasizes vital energy to maintain optimal health.
In other words, supplement the essence by adjusting the food according to the five colors according to the condition and symptoms of the body,
Optimize the flow of energy through exercise or breathing techniques suited to each person, and reduce excessive greed and anger.
Focus on controlling yourself and keeping your mind (God) at peace at all times.
This is the “personalized immune diet” proposed in integrative medicine cancer treatment, which has recently been in the spotlight;
Methods such as “exercise and lifestyle modification” and “meditation yoga” all boost immunity or vital energy.
You can see that we are focusing on improving our performance. Now even in advanced countries
They began to reject the laughable saying, “We cured the disease, but could not save the patient.”

Dr. Jin-man Kim, director of Peace Oriental Clinic