50. The Principles of TCM. 16. Tranquilized mind

50. The Principles of TCM. 16. Tranquilized mind

In Oriental medicine, the highest level of mental and physical cultivation is called emptiness and emptiness. This is mentioned in Chapter 1 of the Emperor’s Internal Classics, The Theory of Ancient Heaven and Earth. “When you let go of greed, attachment disappears, your mind becomes extremely calm and peaceful, and your body becomes filled with its original vitality. If you do this, your body and mind will be well controlled internally, so how can you get sick? (No negative skin, no true energy, no true spirit, no disease)”

When greed disappears from the mind, the flow of energy and blood flows in compliance with the flow of nature. Therefore, the cause of illness is explained by saying that if qi and blood communicate well, it does not hurt, and if it does not communicate well, it hurts.

The abundance of materials resulting from the development of scientific civilization clearly provides many conveniences to humans. However, greed and competition to enjoy greater material abundance produce numerous social ills and promote a life that runs counter to the natural order. It is ironic that the size of hospitals is growing day by day and the tools needed for diagnosis are becoming more sophisticated, but the incidence rate is only increasing and the quality of life is becoming more impoverished. You must quickly realize that going to the hospital for tests and relying on the doctor’s prescriptions is not the best solution.

It is impossible to live without being greedy at all. However, if we can let go of our greed even if only occasionally, do not overwork our bodies, and refrain from eating processed foods as much as possible, our bodies will automatically show strong resilience in line with the flow of nature. If you feel uncomfortable somewhere, let go of your desires and what you are doing, sit upright with your body in the most comfortable position, close your eyes, and focus only on your inhalation and exhalation. All living things breathe. When our mind and body continue to focus solely on breathing, we enter the common world of breathing and finally feel one with Mother Nature. That alone maximizes our vitality and heals most discomforts.

So far, over a total of 50 times, I have divided it into three parts: Matter and mind are one, I treat my body, and the treatment principles of Oriental medicine, and have expressed my own opinions by integrating the concepts of Western and Oriental medicine as much as possible. Rather than relying entirely on medicine and doctors, we hope to understand our natural healing power and utilize it to its full potential to be happier and healthier in body and mind. Thank you

Dr. Jin-man Kim, director of Peace Oriental Clinic